Jeff T. Walker, Bsc.  LPSS, AOSE, AOSSI                                        540 239 9131

Licensed Professional Soil Scientist (LPSS)

Advanced On-Site Soil Evaluator (AOSE); advanced onsite sewage system evaluation and design, and Advanced Onsite System Installation (AOSSI). Conventional and advanced systems incorporating treatment, and engineered distribution or other solutions.

Class B Contractor licensed in construction of Sewage Systems, Landscaping, Farm Improvements, Excavation & Heavy construction (HH), Environmental

Virginia Registered Land Disturber (VA RLD);

His undergraduate degree in Agronomy was earned at Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture,  Department of Crop and Soils.  Walker is a professional consultant primarily employed in water and wastewater development for commercial and residential development and support of Professional Engineers developing soil based waste or storm water treatment systems. Walker has over 30 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment, operations and permitting including technologies utilized for conversion of organic wastes to biogas or soil amendments. He is intimately familiar with the soil capability and geography of the region as a result of over 25 years of soil and site interpretation. BRS&S is the holder of a Class B Contractors License and has experience in contract administration.

Walker represents Floyd County on the New River Highlands Resource Conservation and Development Board; and has also been active on the Sustain Floyd Foundation Board, and the Floyd Source Water Protection Council; and is past president and board member of the Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists.

  • Principal of Blue Ridge Site & Soil; LLC.  2007 – ­ 2016

Engaged in the design and permitting of on-site, soil based, wastewater systems serving residential and small business and commercial users. Consulting with clients regarding land-use decisions, and in support of professionals including PE’s and Surveyors and developers regarding site development, water and wastewater infrastructure and permitting.

BRS&S is a licensed Virginia Class B Contractor with endorsements in Septic, Highways, Farm Improvements, Landscaping and Environmental activities.

  • Soil and Site Consultant CPSS & AOSE 1996-2007 Engaged in the design and permitting of on-site, soil based, wastewater systems serving residential and small business and commercial users.
  • Agricultural Instructor; US Veterans Administration. December 1994 ­ December 1997

Vocational rehabilitation encouraging evolution of farming systems; taught applications of  agronomic, horticultural and mechanical principles, cropping systems for improved commercial production of vegetables. Successes: no-till mulch systems for tomatoes, season extension, irrigation.

  • Hometown Creamery Revival, funded via: Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, USDA 1997-8 Education, and technical reporting to promote on-farm dairy processing.
  • Waste Treatment Manager; Floyd Agricultural Energy Co-op, Ltd.  May 1985 ­- July 1993   FAEC was a significant fuel ethanol producer, Walker was project manager for the design, permitting, construction and operation of the UASB digestor (Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket), a technology for processing high BOD wastewater yielding methane fuel and treated effluent, under VA Non Discharging Permits with dispersal via land-application. Walker facilitated compliance with environmental protection; solid and liquid waste handling, and wastewater management, while working in hands on management capacities including operation of plant equipment.
  • Prince Michel and Rapidan River Vineyards 1982-85 Walker was Vineyard manager and worked in production under supervision of the “Kellar Meister” Mr. Joachim Hollerith.
  • Early work experience includes residential construction, open space management in Reston VA, and traditional production on a diversified farm near Frankfurt Germany.

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