What we do for you…

Jeff T. Walker  can be contacted at 540 239 9131. or by mail sent to: walker@swva.net

As a fully licensed Onsite Evaluator, and Professional Soil Scientist he evaluates soil permeability and site conditions needed to match the design of sewage (septic) systems to the needs of the home builder.

soil auger (child driven)

The result may be an application for the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) which will be reviewed and issued in the form of a construction permit. Permit fee’s are dependent on which county your property is located in. See link:


You’ll notice that a bare application’s fee is greater than a supported application, due to the AOSE taking responsibility for site evaluation and design, layout and documentation. VDH reviews this application and issues the permit w/in a strict timeline of 15 working days.

Fees are based on a $640 for evaluation & design services, with an additional flat $150 fee if we provide excavation services. Support for advanced services for non-residential or advanced systems, or travel outside Floyd County will be at additional cost.

The value of my services are evident to those expecting consideration of the best alternatives. These choices should be made after you are fully informed and ready to consider your choices in an onsite wastewater system with full support for your decisions. Your best outcome will be in scheduling an evaluation prior to any other disturbance to the site. I will assist you in locating significant features; and counsel with you on other issues regarding siting a home: driveway, utilities, water (spring or well), agricultural issues and so forth. Satisfying your concerns is my specialty.

Or with diesel power, on a golf course; another facility approved.

Where do you plan to live? Being familiar with Floyd County and the surrounding area I understand the territory, and am willing to share my knowledge with you. Just knowing your location, slope, terrain, and your goals will begin the process give me a call and we can talk.

I will be pleased to discuss your options, offer suggestions and explain the ways I can help you achieve your site development goals.

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