Why is GIS & GPS capability so useful?

Geographic Information Services provide the means to describe the location and relationship of geographic resources. Global Positioning Satellites allow the collection of data which can be overlain on GIS data creating geo-referenced renderings of a site. I work at various scales, site planning can encompass a lot of 2 acres, a farm of 20 acres, a project boundary of 200 acres or even a watershed of 20,000 acres.

Scale drawings may be created, BRS&S has the capability to delineate features using equipment with an accuracy of + /- 30 cm (about 8″). This is a very efficient means of describing an existing feature, such as the location of a utility line or buried distribution box, it is also excellent for planning or designing. If a setback for a developed spring is required I can create an arc around the spring, and show different radius’s, for example 100′ for a conveyance line, or 200′ prior to establishing a septic drainfield.

Showing a 50′ setback off a lot front, or a 5′ setback is as simple as asking the software to create that line.

Example site with scale of 1″ = 100′

GIS applications for site development and planning are limited only by imagination. Examples include: creating a site plan which gives our client’s contractor a slope and length of a driveway, establishing, documenting an existing path or planning out a new route is a valuable and time saving practice. Similarly capturing terrain (contour) and allowing for better estimations of volume, distance or other information allows a contractor better confidence in creating bidding documents or providing an estimate.


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