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Costs of services

June 23, 2018

BRS&S works under contract, sealed w/ a $400 retainer. Cost of services will depend upon your goals and the nature of the land you intend to build upon. The balance is due at completion. This is a solutions based proposal, I inform you of issues which must be resolved, and only proceed w/ your approval.

In Montgomery County total fees for site evaluation, design, layout and certified OSE application which includes scaled site plan, material specifications, pre-installation conference and support for your interests during VDH review and construction is typically $1600. In Floyd the total costs are typically $1200; each of these pricing index include excavation, site survey & evaluation, report and/or design.

This includes professional services, one day of field time, excavation equipment, acquiring the boundaries of a recorded survey and developing your plans. It does not include VDH fees, engineering (for poor soils or commercial projects), inspection or more than one day of field time. The inspection fee is paid by the licensed contractor and is detailed in the permit documents. I will require your contractor to schedule and attend the pre-installation conference, at which I provide approval of his layout and address any questions.

In most cases BRS&S, LLC is willing to extend a competitive bid or offer contract for construction of your system. This service the client’s need to be informed of costs, and obtain turn-key construction of the highest possible quality system to provide long term solutions to your property’s development needs.

Feel free to call; or if desired, provide your contact information, a survey plat of your parcel and an outline of your plans, and I will provide a contract for your review.

(updated December 30, 2019)